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Hostile Takeover

Product Description Nobody is going to mess with your celebration when you implement a Hostile Takeover! Reds, blues, greens and white glitter blow up into brocade crowns and other aerial effects in this dazzling spectacle. An amazing finale is a great surprise ending with this must-have element of your show. WATCH IT

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Pride In The Water

Product Description Green peony with gold & red glitter, red peony with white & gold glitter, blue peony with gold & red glitter, red green blue peony with colorful glitters. WATCH IT

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Product Description Effects: BIGGER LOUDER BRIGHTER Contains 24 unique 5″ shells Breaks over 250ft high and 200ft wide HDPE tubes for unsurpassed safety and optimal conditions for the artillery shell launch WATCH IT

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Let It Rip

Product Description Effects: 1. Sea blue stars with gold glitter 2. Red dahlia with gold glitter 3. Purple dahlia with gold glitter # of Shots: 12 Size: 7″ H X 7″ OD WATCH IT

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Mobile Menace

Product Description Effects: 1. Alternating red and green glitter v-shaped titanium flower tails with whistles 2. Silver swirling tails with whistles 3. V-shaped crackling comet tails 4. Five quickened shots of delayed crackle # of Shots: 35 Size: 5″ H X 7″ W X 5.25″ D WATCH IT

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Product Description Effects: (6″ double break shells)) Two Each- Assorted Double Breaks A: Red coco palm with silver plum blossom + green coco palm with gold plum blossom B: Green coco palm with red plum blossom + orange coco palm with white strobes C: Super gold coco palm to color tips + silver coco palm …

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Black Box Artillery

Product Description Effects: 1 Tube 6 Shells 1. Red peony 2. Green peony 3. Blue peony 4. White peony 5. Yellow peony 6. Red, green, white and yellow peony # of Breaks: 6 Size: 12″ H X 6″ W X 4″ D WATCH IT

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Born Country

Product Description Effects: 1. Cyanine blue star & white glitter 2. Cyanine blue star & red glitter 3. Cyanine blue star & gold glitter 4. Cyanine blue star & crackle # of Shots: 15 Size: 8-7/10″ H x 9″ W x 7-2/5″ D WATCH IT

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Club 54

Product Description Effects: Red pearls with white strobes, green pearls with white strobes, blue pearls with white strobes, yellow pearls with white strobes; sea blue lemon peonies, brocade crown with green strobes; blue pearls with gold strobes, red pearls with white strobes; brocade crown to crackle. # of Shots: 54 Size:15 x 12 x 7 WATCH …

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Star Chaser

Product Description Effects: Red crackling comets, green crackling comets, blue crackling comets; brocade crown tail to purple peony with gold strobes; red crackling comets, green crackling comets, blue crackling comets; brocade crown tail to deep blue with red strobes; whistles; brocade crown tail to brocade crown with chrysanthemums. # of Shots: 115 Size:18 x 15.7 x …

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