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Death Squad

Product Description The Death Squad will bring any celebration to life! In 20 shots, this spectacle lights up the night sky with green, gold, red and silver brocading crowns that twinkle, even after the “boom!” The 3-shot finale, alone, makes this giant worth including in your celebration!   WATCH IT

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Car Gator

Product Description A surprisingly hard breaking 5 shot with silver tail break; red, green, yellow peony; yellow, green, blue peony; crackling red star with white glitter; golden and green glitter WATCH IT

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Product Description 10″ colored sparklers with a metal wire handle. Colors include red, green, and gold. Each sparkler emits color sparks for approximately 30 seconds. Color sparklers emit more smoke than gold sparklers and are more flare like.

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Florescent Sparklers

Product Description Bright colored sparklers with different effects.    

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Bazooka Candle

Product Description Black Cat adds its flair to roman candles. BC521-1: This Bazooka shoots a cascade of crackle in rapid-fire fashion. BC521-2:This Bazooka adds firecracker-like bursts to the usual rapid fire and bright colors. Effect BC521-1 1. Crackle BC521-2 1. Red star, green star, yellow star & white star with report. (alternately) WATCH IT

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Bangin’ Hard

Product Description Multi-layered and fully worked, Bangin’ Hard is a bangin’ good Black Cat display. Blue and white glitter mines erupt with each sequentially fan-fired shot, with hard breaking palms and titanium chrysanthemum top off each straif. Bangin’ Hard proves that they do make them like they used to! Effect 1. Red palms and titanium …

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Purple Passion

Effect 1. Purple tail to purple umbrella and white glitter. 2. Chrysanthemum mine to purple comet. 3. Purple tail to purple umbrella and green glitter. 4. Chrysanthemum mine to purple comet. 5. Purple tail to purple umbrella and delay crackle. WATCH IT

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King Slayer

Effect 1. Red tail to big gold palm. 2. Red tail to blue star and white glitter with crackle. 3. Green tail to brocade palm. 4. Red tail to blue star and white glitter with crackle. 5. Red tail to orange and red star with white glitter. 6. Red tail to blue star and white …

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